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Specialty Item Cleaning in Springfield Gardens, Valley Stream and Brooklyn

Area Rugs

Wash And Fold Super Laundry is able to clean area rugs at our Brooklyn location. All rugs are cleaned individually, and all fringes are cleaned carefully by hand to avoid damage to the weave. Due to differences in the weave, dye, and other factors, every rug must be treated as a unique cleaning problem with its own solutions.

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Leather & Suede

Wash And Fold Super Laundry’s professional suede and leather cleaning has been keeping Brooklyn’s garments in shape for years. Whether your suede or leather clothing simply needs a cleaning, or it needs to be repaired, redyed and conditioned, we have the experience and equipment necessary for getting you garments back into top condition.

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Wedding Gowns

It is especially important to make sure that your dress is properly cleaned before it is put into storage. Both visible and invisible stains have the potential to cause permanent damage to your dress if they are given time to settle in and spread. A thorough pre-storage cleaning will ensure that your dress will be a beautiful keepsake for years to come.

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