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Delivery/Pick Up Dry Cleaning in Springfield Gardens, Valley Stream and Brooklyn

We know that our clients lead busy lives and don’t always have time to make it in to drop off or pick up their cleaning. That’s why Wash And Fold Super Laundry is now offering delivery to our customers all over Springfield Gardens.

Is there a minimum order size to receive the pick-up and delivery service?

No. Pick-up and delivery services are available for all of our clients, no matter the size of the order. We value your business, and don’t discriminate against our clients based on the size of their cleaning order.

Must I be present for the pick-up or delivery?

No. We are happy to pick-up or deliver from any location that you desire. If nobody is at home when we arrive, we will pick up or leave your garments from whatever spot you choose. Ideally, you should leave your garments in a covered area that is not visible from the street, such as a garage, porch, or back door. As an alternative, we are happy to make pick-ups or deliveries at your workplace. Just let us know your preferences when you are placing your order.

Do you offer regular pick-up and delivery schedules?

Yes, we do. While many of our customers simply choose to schedule a pick-up when it becomes necessary, most of our pick-up/delivery customers choose to establish either a weekly or biweekly schedule. We will add you to a route with schedule pick-up and delivery days, so that you always know when your garments will be ready.

What if I have special instructions for my garments?

Simply leave a note with your clothing indicating any special instructions you have for specific articles of clothing (Including color, fabric type, and label). We will make certain to follow any special instructions you have, as long as you make us aware of them.

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